We are now officially in Greenville!

Kemmann Komposites is now officially located in Greenville, South Carolina! We are excited to be here and hope to add to the growing and innovative culture of the upstate. In further news, Kemmann Komposites has agreed to be the saddle sponsor of Ruben Bacon, a rider for the Bissell ABG Giant Cycling team. Ruben will serve as a brand representative as well as a prototype tester.

Kemmann Komposites Update!

Short update here, it’s been a busy last few months! Kemmann Komposites hasn’t completely fallen by the wayside but has been put on the back burner while I am finishing my Master’s degree at Clemson. That being said I am almost done with my degree and plan on building more Prototype 3 saddles soon! And also designing the Prototype 4! …at Kemmann Komposites we never stop innovating.

KemmannKomposites.com is live!

Today KemmannKomposites.com went live! For now this website serves as a motivation to continue developing prototypes. My hope and goal is to begin selling a few saddles by the end of 2018!

I've been working on a new saddle design that I hope to start building prototypes of soon. This upcoming prototype will be built with and without a center cutout. I am also working on a strengthened (oversized) rail design in order to accommodate larger riders. Much is in the works so stay tuned!

- Guy