Who is Kemmann Komposites?


Kemmann Komposites was started in the fall of 2017 by me, Guy Kemmann, while working towards my Masters degree in mechanical engineering at Clemson University. Out of a project for a course on advanced composites and plastics manufacturing at CU-ICAR came the first prototype saddle. Shortly after that Kemmann Komposites was born.

I started cycling in high school and quickly grew to love the sport. My first job was at a bicycle shop in Beaufort, SC. It was there that I began combining my passion for cycling with my passion for building and fixing things, which I've had since childhood. I built my own wheel sets for my bikes in high school and always worked on my own bikes and the bikes of my friends whenever given the chance. 

I proceeded to go to Clemson University to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During my undergraduate studies I raced road and cyclocross with the club cycling team for 2 years, studied abroad in Germany for a semester, and completed a 1 year internship program at Michelin's North American Research center in Greenville, SC. Over the course of 5 years I reinforced my natural creative ability with sound engineering skills and practices, which I am continuing to develop as I work towards my Masters degree. Thus it only made sense to combine my creativity and growing engineering ability with my passion for cycling and create  products that are of superior performance and craftsmanship.